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Orbbo develops technology to support the application of scientific advancements for treatment in the neurosurgical and orthopaedic surgical fields. Our products are utilized to achieve desired outcomes and ultimately improve lives. Our design and engineering centers in the USA and abroad maintain healthy research and development initiatives for next generation technology.

We foster care in our communities with access to Research Grants and Fellowship Support for organizations in alignment with the increasing need for musculoskeletal treatment options.


Manufacturer of medical devices
for arthodesis in spinal surgery.

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Innovating products indicated for the
treatment of musculoskeletal defects.

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Hubble™ Two Interbody Devices: Some Insight

The Hubble™ Two is approved for the treatment of degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, trauma such as fractures or dislocations, spinal stenosis, curvatures, tumors, and pseudarthrosis.

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When Fixation Makes Sense

This intelligent technology aims to reduce the risk of pedicle damage due to improper loading. Using True Align technology also eliminates the possibility of a screw...

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Why the Microenvironment Matters in Stem Cell Treatment

A microenvironment contributes to a stem cell’s differentiation path and can, therefore, influence its cell lineage. A stem cell would operate and develop behaviors and characteristics that decide...

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